6 Commercial Architectural Design Trends For 2020

As our generation is becoming more environmentally conscious, the demand for positive environmental and socio-cultural architecture is quickly rising. Designers are leveraging new technologies to build modern commercial and residential buildings that strive to be environmentally ‘passive’. In any case, it is highly advisable to get in touch with an expert for the implementation of your vision. However, before you hit the search engine with the words ‘architects near me’ you should get some inspiration. 

Below you can find 6 of the most popular trends that are influencing the design world of architecture in 2020. 

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1. Vertical Gardens

It’s not uncommon for modern offices to incorporate a vertical garden into their workspace. The roots of vertical gardens can act as a filter, absorbing deadly toxins within the building. The newfound cleanliness in the air is said to improve the health of employees and bolsters their energy and output. Not only does replacing a wall in your office with a vertical garden add a beautiful aesthetic appeal, but it also provides a range of greenhouse benefits for your building and employees. 

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2. Scandinavian Design  

The principles of Scandinavian design has become an international phenomenon. The combination of simplicity, functionality and minimalism is an evergreen staple in modern design. It’s easy to mistake simplicity for laziness. In fact, simplicity requires careful analysis and organisation of the most important parts of your design. By using muted colours, natural lighting and uncluttered spacing, Scandinavian design encourages a clean aesthetic that enhances the accessibility, aesthetics and flow of your building’s core functionality. Sometimes less is more!

3.  Accessibility Through Design

Accessibility through design is all about designing buildings that fit the needs of all of the potential people entering your buildings. Whether they’re young, old, able or disabled, accessibility through design caters to all potential inhabitants of your building. It’s a popular trend among commercial and residential architecture, as sociocultural influences are driving forward the demand for equity. Regardless of how visually appealing your home is, it is valueless if it does not serve its intended purpose. The more friction a person has between them and feeling comfortable in their residential home, the more likely they are to move from their property. 

4.  Micro Homes

As the population is rising, the need for ‘small living’ is rising. The purpose of micro-home architecture is to design buildings that take up less space without being ‘squishy’. Whether it be sacrificing the thickness of a wall to add more interior space, micro-homes are an important aspect of future architectural design. The key to effective micro home designs is in efficient allocation of resources. By organising everything strictly and tightly, an architect can reduce the overall size of a design without sacrificing interior comfort. 

5.  Automation Architecture

Businesses are always looking for ways to be more efficient. If you’re an architect who can close the gap between technology and customer satisfaction, you’re not going to struggle finding work in the future. This high demand for convenience has driven architectural trends towards designing ‘smart homes’. For residential buildings, ‘smart homes’ enable household appliances to be managed via the use of a smartphone. Features like this highly increase the value of a property. 

6.  Industrial Aesthetics 

The new use of old materials is gaining a lot of traction for it’s old-school aesthetic appeal. Industrial style architecture derives inspiration from old fashioned factories and buildings for a sophisticated visual appeal. Exposed brick is a common technique used in industrial architecture. 

Where Can I Find Modern Architectural Design Inspiration?

Pinterest is an incredible place to find some design inspiration from industry professionals. Whether you’re currently working on a building design, or you’re searching for ideas for your dream home, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found from architects who are passionate about current trends and the future of structural design. If you’re looking for architects to design your home, Centrum Architects are developing a strong reputation for their stunning architectural design in Australia. Give them a call to discuss your available options.