About Us


Juan Marco Landscapes is named from the Latin ‘ambire’ meaning all surrounding and all encompassing. This name reflects the philosophy of the company which aims to provide landscape services from concept to completion and beyond.

Juan Marco Landscapes is a family business with family values. We love our jobs and believe in our designs.

Inspired by classic American architecture, as well as the simple, relaxed and understated approach often found in Scandinavian homes and interiors, Juan Marco Landscapes aims to create spaces for our clients that are as much about elegance and sophistication, as they are about relaxation, comfort and functionality

Juan Marco Landscapes is also a boutique residential and commercial interior design and styling practice, founded in 2011 by owner Nicki Dobrzynski and based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia..


Juan Marco Lanscape is passionated about utilising textured raw materials like linen, sisal, wood, metal and stone, which invariably forms the foundation of our interior designs, our look often transcends any one particular design style and instead incorporates a multitude of influences. By involving our clients treasured pieces and combining them with new and custom made items, the look becomes authentic, layered, luxurious and homely.

With a background in Interior Design and Project Management, as well as Commercial and Residential Construction, Nicki strives to create exceptionally beautiful spaces that also reflect each clients unique style, lifestyle and personality.

For more information about our interior design and consulting services, you can email us by going to the CONTACT page, or call Nicki on 0488 686 386.

Trent Whyte is the founder and Director of Juan Marco Landscapes and holds a Certificate III in Horticulture and a Landscape Construction License.