6 Commercial Architectural Design Trends For 2020

As our generation is becoming more environmentally conscious, the demand for positive environmental and socio-cultural architecture is quickly rising. Designers are leveraging new technologies to build modern commercial and residential buildings that strive to be environmentally ‘passive’. In any case, it is highly advisable to get in touch with an expert for the implementation of your vision. However, before you hit the search engine with the words ‘architects near me’ you should get some inspiration. 

Below you can find 6 of the most popular trends that are influencing the design world of architecture in 2020. 

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1. Vertical Gardens

It’s not uncommon for modern offices to incorporate a vertical garden into their workspace. The roots of vertical gardens can act as a filter, absorbing deadly toxins within the building. The newfound cleanliness in the air is said to improve the health of employees and bolsters their energy and output. Not only does replacing a wall in your office with a vertical garden add a beautiful aesthetic appeal, but it also provides a range of greenhouse benefits for your building and employees. 

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2. Scandinavian Design  

The principles of Scandinavian design has become an international phenomenon. The combination of simplicity, functionality and minimalism is an evergreen staple in modern design. It’s easy to mistake simplicity for laziness. In fact, simplicity requires careful analysis and organisation of the most important parts of your design. By using muted colours, natural lighting and uncluttered spacing, Scandinavian design encourages a clean aesthetic that enhances the accessibility, aesthetics and flow of your building’s core functionality. Sometimes less is more!

3.  Accessibility Through Design

Accessibility through design is all about designing buildings that fit the needs of all of the potential people entering your buildings. Whether they’re young, old, able or disabled, accessibility through design caters to all potential inhabitants of your building. It’s a popular trend among commercial and residential architecture, as sociocultural influences are driving forward the demand for equity. Regardless of how visually appealing your home is, it is valueless if it does not serve its intended purpose. The more friction a person has between them and feeling comfortable in their residential home, the more likely they are to move from their property. 

4.  Micro Homes

As the population is rising, the need for ‘small living’ is rising. The purpose of micro-home architecture is to design buildings that take up less space without being ‘squishy’. Whether it be sacrificing the thickness of a wall to add more interior space, micro-homes are an important aspect of future architectural design. The key to effective micro home designs is in efficient allocation of resources. By organising everything strictly and tightly, an architect can reduce the overall size of a design without sacrificing interior comfort. 

5.  Automation Architecture

Businesses are always looking for ways to be more efficient. If you’re an architect who can close the gap between technology and customer satisfaction, you’re not going to struggle finding work in the future. This high demand for convenience has driven architectural trends towards designing ‘smart homes’. For residential buildings, ‘smart homes’ enable household appliances to be managed via the use of a smartphone. Features like this highly increase the value of a property. 

6.  Industrial Aesthetics 

The new use of old materials is gaining a lot of traction for it’s old-school aesthetic appeal. Industrial style architecture derives inspiration from old fashioned factories and buildings for a sophisticated visual appeal. Exposed brick is a common technique used in industrial architecture. 

Where Can I Find Modern Architectural Design Inspiration?

Pinterest is an incredible place to find some design inspiration from industry professionals. Whether you’re currently working on a building design, or you’re searching for ideas for your dream home, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found from architects who are passionate about current trends and the future of structural design. If you’re looking for architects to design your home, Centrum Architects are developing a strong reputation for their stunning architectural design in Australia. Give them a call to discuss your available options.


GB Painters Brisbane – Paint and Coatings

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Absolute Asbestos Removal

Can you legally remove asbestos yourself?
There is no law that would prohibit you from removing asbestos yourself as asbestos sampling advised. That is your own call but it would be safer to ask someone else to do it. Besides, asbestos is made of hazardous material so you may get health issues. Yes, there is no need to worry about getting apprehended by cops when you try to do it yourself. You just need to be concerned about your future moving forward. No matter how good you are at DIY stuff, this is an entirely different process. Therefore, it would be better to let other people handle it.

How long does asbestos stay in the air?
Absestos usually stays in the air for three days. However, if there is current then it can stay there a lot longer than you thought. When you find out that there is asbestos diseases in the air, better wear a gas mask so you don’t get health issues. You can’t blame yourself if you panic when you find out that there is a chance that asbestos is in the air in your home. The best thing to do here would be to stop panicking because that is not going to do you any good. It would be better if you can just avoid inhaling it. You must call someone to get it out of your property as soon as possible before it reaches more people.

What does asbestos smell like?
This is one thing you must not know unless you want cancer risks. It actually does not smell like anything so you may have a hard time figuring out if it is indeed in the air. The good part is it won’t make you kill yourself. It can also release fibers that are invisible. That is how dangerous asbestos is so you must not take it lightly. You must do whatever it takes to not breath it into your lungs or you are going to be in serious trouble when the time comes.

Is asbestos safe when wet?
When asbestos is combined with water, it is not considered to be dangerous to your health. That does not mean you should start putting asbestos in your drinking water though. It won’t really do anything to your mental and physical health. It would be better to drink water as is. It may be safe but it should never be dry either.

What asbestos looks like?
It looks like a ball of thick fuzz. It would be difficult to identify if it really is asbestos so it would be highly recommended to get the second opinion of someone who is familiar with it. Yes, it could look like so many things so it would be easy to mistake it for another thing. Of course, you can also take a picture of it then search online to confirm whether it is what you think it is. It can also look like roofing sheets as that is how most people associate it with. It is also color brown so if it is another color then it is not asbestos.


What should i do if i find asbestos in my home?

Asbestos is a natural mineral found on the earth’s surface and contains very durable, fire-resistant and insulating solid fibers. Asbestos fibers are fifty or two hundred times thinner than human hair, can float in the air for a long time, be unseen and breathe in into the lungs. Recent health proof indicates that the mere fact of living in a house containing asbestos is not risky provided that the asbestos is not broken or disturbed. It can be difficult to determine if your home contains asbestos-containing materials just by looking. To help you identify products containing asbestos, asbestos fibers can be firmly linked to a series of products formerly used in the construction industry.

There is no reason to panic if you think there is asbestos in your home, Asbestos waste removal is available for you. The main hazard of asbestos lies in its handling. When asbestos is cut, punctured, broken or altered, it releases particles. These particles suspended in the air add up to the real danger in asbestos. Without being disturbed, it is not dangerous. Today, most products are not made with asbestos, although in the earlier period asbestos was an important production material. All products created with asbestos-based materials must be labeled as such. It has built a lot of properties with asbestos, in particular for insulation purposes.

Where Can I Find Asbestos And When Can It Be A Problem?

At home, asbestos can be present in your home in many places. Asbestos in bulk can be present in the insulation of a home. This would be particularly unsafe because it can be easily disturbed. In general, the existence of materials containing asbestos is not a reason for fear and can leave the materials in place. For example, if the inner walls of the asbestos cement sheet are in good condition and covered with paint, they pose no health jeopardy. It is not necessary to replace asbestos ceilings and roofs except they are wrecked or the surfaces are damaged. Asbestos and cement building products can be maintained, disposed of safely, provided certain precautions are taken to avoid the discharge of asbestos fibers or dust.

Materials that may have asbestos fibers include:

Cement, paper and cardboard sheets used for insulation around wood stoves and ovens

Steam ducts, furnace ducts and boilers isolated with asbestos paper tape blankets

Door seals in ovens and stoves with coal or wood

Tiles, adhesives and strong backing on vinyl sheet flooring

Compounds of stamps and patches for ceilings, walls and textured paints

Decorative or soundproofing materials that have been sprayed on ceilings and walls

Brake pads and coatings for automobiles, gaskets and clutch linings

Ashes and ashes used in gas fireplaces

Ironing board covers, Fire resistant old gloves, stove coverings and some hair dryers

Ceiling, siding, and tiles

What to do with asbestos at home?

If you think your home may contain asbestos, you should ask a health inspector to come to your home. Most asbestos removal companies will provide a free asbestos test to resolve the risks involved. Once the investigation is completed, the inspector will indicate which materials in your home contain toxins that cause asbestos cancer, and then explain the best methods to eliminate them. The most common is that houses that contain asbestos have it in their insulation, roof or walls. If the asbestos is not altered, the inspector may advise leaving it intact. If the inspector determines that the materials have been damaged, they will indicate the elimination. Damaged materials can release particles in the air and, as a result, inhale, pose serious health risks.



Deck Builders Guide to Soil types and Testing

Before you extend your home deck, you have several things that you have to think about. Most people concentrate on the actual construction of the deck, but the soil type is something you have to consider. Here’s some information about soil types so you can make the right decisions before you have your deck built.

Soil Type and Deck Slab

The type of soil you have is going to determine the type of slab that is going to be used. You need to understand geotechnical engineering as well as the type of soil that the structure is going to be built on. You want the deck to stand the test of time and to be strong and sturdy, so you need to understand that the various soil types. If you don’t test the soil, you may have a structure that is unstable. the foundation of the deck is the most important part of the deck and it’s one of the critical factors that you have to take under consideration before you actually start building the deck.

Water and Soil

If you want to avoid long-term problems with your deck you must understand the water because the soil will change in volume as it absorbs water. Some types of soils will be eroded more frequently by water and this erosion can impact the foundation of the deck. Here’s a little bit more information about various soil types that you need to understand before you build the deck. Please talk to a professional so you know what type of soil you have before you build. Many of these problems can occur if you don’t have proper soil testing done.

Class A Soil

This class of soil is generally accepted its mostly Rock and Sand and has little or no actual ground movement when there is a change in moisture.

Class S Soil

This soil type is satisfactory and there will be slightly reactive clay and some slight ground movement when there are changes in moisture.

Class M

This is a moderately reactive clay or silt soil. There can be moderate changes in the ground when moisture is present.

Class H1 and H2

These soil types are very reactive and there can be high movement of the ground when there is a change in moisture.

Class E

This soil type is extremely reactive. There can be a lot of ground movement when there is a change in moisture.

Class P

This type of soil can percent a problem when you build. There may be soft clay, loose sand, or silt present and there can be a lot of corrosion. this type of soil classification is done when no other classification of soil presents itself as suitable.

Get Inspected

You want to have your soil type inspected prior to building the deck. You need to know the proper classification of your soil prior to building so you can ensure that not only the foundation for the deck will be secure, but the deck is going to last a long time and is not going to be a lot of movement in the soil or other problems present. You don’t want to run into a problem with your deck, to ensure that it is properly tested before you build so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Looking for a good building and pest inspector? Look no further than Bruin Pest Control Brisbane


Where to get handyman services?

It is really not so difficult to find out the best handyman services, handyman Brisbane northside is one of them, for your property maintenance. It is an understood fact that when you build up any property with your savings and dedication you would like to keep it safe. More than building up any property its maintenance is important as with the passage of time things get used and marked with a number of damages.

In this regard, it is important to find out about the best property maintenance services providers so you can take care of your property to the next level easily. But the major problem comes to you when you are unable to find out the right person for the right job. You can use some of the effective ways to find out the handyman services that can help you with the maintenance problems.

Professionals around you

This is the most convenient method to get the professional handyman for the house maintenance services. You can simply search out the services provider or any professional who is available near you. This will reduce your efforts for the maximum search and you can have the ultimate services as per to your needs. Moreover, you will be satisfied with the performance and can trust the person of being in your contact. But the only drawback you have to face is the limited exposure and no incorporation of latest tools. Make sure that if you are hiring the professional on the basic scale but he should be well equipped with the skills and tools as well.

Property maintenance journals

Property maintenance is now a complete industry that is letting the people grab the best services. In order to attract more people towards the services and the company, there are a number of journals produced by the companies. In these journals all the information related to the best and accessible handyman services providers available for you. In order to find out about the best services provider, you can simply access the journal enriched with the information. This will simply lead you towards the ultimate solution of the problem about you.

Approach agency

To provide you with the best handyman services there are a number of agencies working that helps you to get the best handyman. For your property maintenance, it is simply nice to hire up the handyman through any agency. Along with reducing your efforts it will help you to get the secured services as the helper will be at your place is trusted by the agency and you can feel safe.

Online access

Moreover, you can also access the agencies and property maintenance services providers online. This will simply make things easier for you. Although you will have some of the reservations about the identification and trust on the companies. But, to eliminate such intuitions you do have the option to access the registration and guarantee papers of the company that will make the deal fair and safe for you. It will be an amazing experience for you to get the best handyman services.


Working With Perth’s Project Builders

We work with Perth’s best project builders so you don’t have to. Whether you are buying your first home, down sizing or building your dream home. We work with you to ensure the best design and the best deal in Perth. We work for you, NOT the builder ensuring you get the best independent advise while still building with Perth’s best project builders. Our services are completely obligation and cost free.


We design your home your way, which means you won’t be accepting second best just because you are building with a project builder. If you are thinking about building a new home you shouldn’t be settling for a design you don’t love. We work with all of Perth’s leading project builders so you can custom design your home to suit your families lifestyle. Getting told that you can’t make changes or they are going to cost you a fortune is gone forever. With an in-depth understanding of each builder’s processes and design requirements we are able to do what you can’t. Working in conjunctions with Perth’s leading project builders we offer you a FREE design and costing service which will ensure your new home is built your way, on YOUR budget.

Avoid making costly mistakes, drawing on our 20 years experience designing, building and developing our own projects we are able to save you thousands of dollars, while making the process painless and fun.

We will design your new home completely free from any obligation or cost! If we secure you the best deal and find you the right builder our fees are paid by the builder.

  • Question: Does this cost you any more?
    Answer: No, our fee is the same as the sales consultant would receive, with one very big difference. We work for you Not the builder.
  • Question: Can I go direct to the builder if I want?
    Answer: Yes, you are still free to shop around with all of the builders if you want to
  • Question: Is there any upfront cost to me.
    Answer No, there is no obligation or cost, our service is completely FREE to you.
  • Question: How does New Home Design Perth, get paid?
    Answer: Our fees are paid by the builder, exactly the same as they would pay a commission to the sales person.
  • Question: why would the leading project builders want to deal with New Home Designs Perth.
    Answer: We have an in-depth understanding of  each builders processes and design requirements. as such in many cases our sketches and paperwork is better than the sales persons which in turn actually makes it easier for the builder

Architectural Glass Fittings

Looking to install quality affordable frameless glass or semi-frameless glass pool fencing?

Look no further than…

Architectural Glass Fittings

Leading the way in Style and Innovation.

Since 2004 we have been in the business of custom designing and manufacturing our own highly sought after fittings for semi-frameless and frameless glass pool fencing. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

All 316 stainless steel latches on our website have been designed by Juan Marco Architect  since our inception and remain our Intellectual Property.

Our 75 Series and Slimline Gate latches and AGF glass fence components are made from high grade #316 marine stainless steel to ensure stylish good looks, durability and minimal maintenance.

For safety and security we only use D&D Technologies Magna Latch powered by the latest ‘Permanent Magnets’ (which never lose power) these quality latches incur no mechanical interference to closure and so offer unprecedented reliability, safety and child resistance. D&D Technologies latches come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Whether you are a tradesperson or a DIYer our online shop includes a range of components specifically designed for your next glass fencing project whether for a frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fence or ballustrading.

Juan Marco Architect can supply you everything except the glass to complete your glass fencing!

Our free custom design and online quote service takes the worry out of ordering the right products for your project. Simply click “Request a “Quote”, answer some questions and we are more than happy to advise you the correct components to purchase.

We accept payment by PayPal which enables Visa or Mastercard Payments and can generally freight door to door within a few days (subject to stock availability)


Building Process for Home Custom Design

Step 1. Site Inspection

We begin the building process by assessing your land so that we ensure that your new home siting will comply with all necessary regulations. To do this we undertake a site inspection, conduct a bore hole soil test, prepare a zoning certificate, and prepare a comprehensive contour survey of your land.

Step 2: Your Tender

A member of our Client Service Administration Team will contact you to arrange a suitable time during business hours to meet at our office where you will be presented your New Home Tender. After viewing your New Home Tender any final changes are then discussed with your Tender Presenter.
Once you have accepted your Tender, a Colour Selection folder will be presented to you for your consideration and selection prior to your Colour Appointment.  A sample copy of the Master Builders Building Agreement will be provided to you.

Step 3: Your Building Contract

During this step you will enter into a building agreement with Australian Luxury Homes this allows plenty of time to finalise arrangements with your lending authority, to ensure that all necessary documentation is available prior to construction commencement.

Step 4: External Colour Appointment

This is now the time you will finalise external colours, air conditioning, kitchen, stair selection and your BASIX commitments.

Step 5: Expert Reports for Council or CDC Lodgement

Australian Luxury Homes obtains all reports to support your application to Council and Developer if applicable.  Once all necessary documentation is completed we will prepare and lodge your application to Council or Private Certifier for approvals.

Step 6: Building Approval and Site Start

Upon receiving Council Construction Certificate or Private Certifiers approval your construction plan incorporating all variations will be forwarded to you for approval.  Australian Luxury Homes will then prepare your file for a site start.